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Learn how you may be in the way of your own happiness


Relationship consulting can help:

  • Find the relationship you want

  • Manage the healthy resolution of negative emotions

  • Get “unstuck” from a negative breakup spiral

  • Stop your self-sabotage

  • Regain your confidence

  • Recommend other resources and support that may be helpful


Engage in a process to change limiting beliefs, better manage emotions, and then adopt more constructive and optimistic thoughts and behaviors.

Two options available for Consulting Services:

Standard Consulting Process Includes:

  • Initial 1 hr. Call

    • Optimism assessment

    • Limiting Beliefs inventory

  • Tailored action plan with prioritized recommendations

  • 2 Follow-up Calls (1 each month)


Participants should be highly motivated and committed to fearless self-exploration and be fully ready to change.

To schedule consulting or discuss options, send a message through the Contact Me link below


As Needed Consulting:

Hourly consulting



Choose to Thrive… Not Just Survive

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