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Laura Heft, Ph.D. is Behavioral Scientist, Optimism expert, Psychologist, and author dedicated to helping people become more optimistic and successful. Understanding that we as humans are surprisingly unaware of why we do what we do and what influences our decisions, she is committed to leveraging the power of behavioral science to improve lives. Laura is the founder and CEO of GrowOptimism, LLC. and has over 20 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies as a coach and consultant on behavioral science, motivation, leadership, and employee and organization development.


After experiencing an extremely tough breakup herself, Laura decided to apply what she knows about behavioral science and emotions (the heart and the head) to help get through her own challenges and thrive. As she shared what she learned with friends and family, she realized others would benefit from the same awareness and tools to recover from breakups faster and get the relationships they wanted.

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Choose to Thrive… Not Just Survive

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